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Who We Are

We are a company that provides exclusive information services to Colombia Móvil customers. (Colombia Móvil S.A ESP Tigo is a cell phone provider, subsidiary of Millicom, eTb and EPM in Colombia).

We have exclusive information like official statements, net coverage, news, information about new plans and services, roaming, etc. Also, we provide free
ringtones, images, and software downloads under the GNU/GPL License. Our objetive is to inform and entertain Colombia Móvil's users.

For English speaking users, we provide roaming information and a little tourist's guide for Colombia.

¿Who makes it possible?

The Administrative Equipment of Comunidad OLA informs about who makes the existence of this page possible.

Content Management System Setup:

Luis Hernando Tamayo - Medellín
Andrés Trujillo - Medellín
Andrés Gaitán - Bogotá

Technical Support and Maintenance: 

Luis Hernando Tamayo - Medellín

Graphic and Animation Design:

César Velasquez - Villavicencio
Andrés Trujillo - Medellín
Ricardo Salazar - Medellín
Guillermo Flückiger C. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Administrative Team:

Andrés Gaitan - Bogotá
Andrés Trujillo - Medellín
Santiago Silvera - Bogot
Fabian Cardona - Armenia 

Content Authors:

Camilo Gómez - Bogotá
Luisa Fernanda Amórtegui - Bogotá
Oscar Perdomo - Girardot


Mauricio Sabogal - Bogota
Hernán Franco - Medellín
Yeison Pomares - Cartagena
Ricardo Salazar - Medellín

Special Thanks To:

Julian David Muñoz - Medellín
LANeros.com Community

With Comunidad OLA, you will be able to ask, you will be able to know more about  your Tigo mobile phone, to set it up easily… to enjoy it to the maximum!  

OLA Community has been in the WEB for 1 year and we are here for making things easier, to inform, to help everybody; to help you… our visitor. You will be able to find here a lot of info for your Tigo mobile,  tutorials and entertainment.

With Comunidad OLA you will know more about Tigo, its benefits, its history, its users and their experiences, its services, its statistics, and you'll also have access to roaming information.

Thanks for being part of this, our Community,  your Community.

Welcome to Comunidad OLA!  Enjoy a Community and a Web Site done by Users for Users.

Administrative Team
Community OLA… ¡Estamos Conectados Contigo!


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